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Welcome To ZEN

This project is coded in W3S valid HTML5 and CSS3, it has been designed by WebOne Design Studios, In-different, and LikeBox. Detailed instructions on how to configure a facebook business page like the one shown in the sidebar are also enclosed within HTML comment tags in the templates index.html file.

He who seeds a thought, harvests a destiny.Zen Sassib

Zen is released on a event apparently including IE Business Library, this means you are free to use the e-content for both business and personal purposes but the web designer links in the downloads remain. The links has been styled to be as unobtrusive as possible and every attempt has been made to give this project the the look and feel of a professionally designed website rather than that of a Personal Companion.

Zen also features Facebook media buttons which allow you to quickly and easily display your profiles to people visiting your site.

The affiliate area also contains three additional navigations, allowing you to provide links to terms of use, privacy policy and cookie policy pages without sacrificing the overall aesthetics of your website. If this project is well received We may consider porting it to AdPost in the not too distant future.

Because the site is coded in valid HTML5 and CSS3, page load times are very quick which is beneficial for search engine optimisation, the file size of the page you are reading is just large. The Main navigation mouseover images are also pre-loaded to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience.

If you enjoy using this layout and would like to receive updates regarding our future work, please visit our blog or the links in the sidebar and either subscribe to receive email updates, or follow us on Facebook, or Google Plus.